Clinical Expert Management (CEM) was founded in 2003 and has successfully delivered projects ranging from those needing the rapid development of robust results to very challenging projects demanding a more intensive approach. Our combined knowledge, expertise and systematic approach leaves CEM in an ideal position to be your partner agency. 


Nick Mowat spent the first 20 years of his career as a medical publisher and has extensive experience of reaching the professional medical practitioner market using all forms of media. During this time, he represented a major medical publisher on one of the industry's professional bodies. 
Nick has built, and maintained, professional relationships with many key members of the global medical community. 
Nick takes up the story: 
"My time in medical publishing brought me into contact with many of the world's leading clinicians. I was developing new book and journals written and edited by the medical community, for the medical community. This enabled me to forge strong personal ties, gaining the trust of many individuals and one of the dividends has been warm friendships that have lasted over the years! My time in medical publishing allowed me to gain knowledge of many different areas of medicine. I needed to understand the developments in basic science, medical science, medical education and how these impacted patient care. 
This experience has been important for my role at CEM as it has given me an appreciation of the mindsets of leading figures in the medical world and the variations in health care settings. 
I was looking for a career outside medical publishing for a while and researched how I could apply my knowledge and skills. The conclusion I came to was that there is a need for an ethically driven, independent vendor … Clinical Expert Management is the result!" 
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