CLINICAL EXPERT MANAGEMENT:   Only performs KOL identification, mapping and profiling  Understands the KOL environment and how to uncover hidden intelligence  Clients have the confidence that they are engaging with the best possible KOLs  Adds value to both identification and profiling  CEM therefore provides clients with the confidence that they have the right intelligence to make informed decisions.  


our results are based on facts and not personal opinions 


projects are scoped accurately to reflect a client’s brief 


our approach is process driven providing consistency 


valid comparisons can be made at periodic intervals to re-evaluate changes in the field of interest 


we do not overwhelm a client with large volumes of data but provide key insights in a form that ensures value to a client 
We pride ourselves on our ability to answer challenging client briefs but of course we can also tailor our services to provide small, rapid response projects. 


CEM works on a tailored bespoke basis so that results are specific to a client and unique. We do not provide off-the-shelf data that gives the client little advantage. 
We work hard to understand a client's brief so that the project outputs match their expectations. We work hard during the scoping phase to gain a comprehension of the therapy area. This is critical for project success. 
CEM has developed a range of advanced technical approaches delivering the required intelligence. CEM's solutions include: 
Not all our solutions are listed above as we believe in maintaining a commercial advantage.  
Please contact us if you would like to learn more. 


Overview of the techniques used to ‘map’ KOLs: 
Peer recommendations – This can be viewed as an ‘old boy’ network with the nomination of KOLs by individuals know to the client. This introduces subjectivity, bias and inconsistency. The nominated KOLs may be high profile and visible and introduces a trend towards the same faces being engaged with little ability to judge the reputation. Different clients are likely therefore to engage with a small number of KOLs with no competitive advantage. This approach lacks the ability to introduce fresh thinking and fresh ideas. 
Previous in-house experience – The client consults in-house staff such as Medical Affairs Associates, MSLs or sales representatives to pull together lists of KOLs based on previous experience of working with an individual. Although effective working relationships may have already been established this introduces subjectivity is introduced as criteria used to select individuals may be applied inconsistently. Robust segmentation data may be missing. The strength of personal relationships/friendships may mean that input from the KOL may not be scrutinised or challenged. 
Data analysis – Data analysis can of course yield objective results but will depend on a number of factors such as the data sources chosen (the coverage, granularity and quality may vary), the sophistication of how the data is quality assured and any scoring performed. Therefore, the choice of data and a complete understanding of its structure and attributes is important (e.g. hidden / latent patterns may be present but need sophisticated understanding). It should be noted that live data feeds may not be quality assured and may overload the client with undigested information. 
KOL Identification 
There are a number of reasons why clients need to identify the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in their therapy area at global, regional or market level: 
Strategic advice: 
Innovation – advice on optimized product development 
Market Entry – insights into unmet need / opportunities 
Market Access – crucial advice on drivers and barriers in local markets 
Regulatory Body /Approval -increasing the chances of gaining product licensing 
Regional / Local clinical practice advice – specific intelligence on possible differences in the management of patients 
Tactical input: 
Clinical trial involvement – generating crucial trial data at all product lifecycle stages 
Speaker engagements – opportunities for the leading KOLs to present impartial data on trial results 
Advisory board membership – gaining strategic and tactical advice from the leading KOLs 
Media engagements (if relevant) – using relevant channels to convey specific messages 
Medical, Pharmacist and Patient Education – cascading information from field experts and specialists to front line practitioners, pharmacists and patient groups 
Issue management – support product via targeted data analysis and/or subsequent communication 
Authorship – develop and publish critical review and meta-analysis publications 
Clinical Expert Management has been chosen by clients for the ability to identify KOLs with strategic and tactical strengths. 
For more information on how we can help identify the right KOLs for you, please contact us
KOL Mapping 
The phrase “KOL mapping” is used in subtly different ways by clients but essentially it is the identification and profiling a group of individuals in a therapy area who have a high degree of ‘peer to peer influence. Once a group of KOLs has been identified their relationships can be examined in more detail and their interactions can be examined using objective techniques. This information can be extremely instructive in making decisions regarding KOL engagement. KOL mapping enables clients to engage with the individuals with the highest scientific, clinical and political reputations. Alternatively, KOL mapping can aid clients to match KOLs to specific needs and tasks. 
For more information on how we can help map KOLs for you, please contact us
KOL Profiling 
CEM adds value to the KOL identification and mapping process by profiling the KOLs using a number of techniques. During the scoping phase of a project using our experience and skill sets we work hard to understand a client’s brief. One of the benefits is that we build a precise picture of the KOL profile that the client is seeking, and this enables us to make recommendations. The profiling allows segmentation of the KOLs so that they can be engaged and matched to tasks. 
KOL Validation 
Clients often say that they have a thorough understanding of the KOLs in their TA but once CEM has performed KOL identification and mapping we are able to show them a number of surprises. It is these differences from the norm that give our clients competitive advantage. We can of course apply this philosophy to an existing group of KOLs who a client may be working with. We can show a client which KOLs should be given a higher priority, those who may be on the wane or any unknown KOLs. The new entrants and rising stars in any Therapy Areas (TA) should also be considered. The advanced metrics developed by CEM allow for a robust systematic reanalysis at intervals to show any changes. 
New Entrant and Rising Star Identification 
In CEM’s experience there are a variety of client definitions of a potential ‘Rising Star’ in a TA with factors such as age, experience and impact differing. This produces inconsistency and subjectivity . CEM uses a suite of solutions and techniques to increase a client’s confidence that they are engaging tomorrow’s KOLs. 
KOL Surveying 
CEM’s objective identification and profiling of KOLs relies on publicly available information and data but occasionally there is no substitute for direct contact with a KOL to gain personal information on their demographics, experience, interactions with pharma and their attitudes to new modalities. CEM has developed robust surveying techniques that comply with the relevant regulations e.g. GDPR. 
Emerging markets 
International pharmaceutical companies face local competition who know their own market, so it is important to develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of the potential KOLs. CEM has developed a robust approach for identifying the KOLs in an emerging market. 
Centres of Excellence Mapping 
Just as CEM can introduce a data driven, robust approach to the identification of KOLs we can also examine the Centres of Excellence in TA using data to identify and rank the leading establishments with whom a client should be forging relationships with. 
Digital KOLs 
The life sciences/healthcare industry is starting to consider using social media as a way to increase brand awareness. While celebrities may have a wider reach, other individuals with a more focused social media profile (who have a reputation within a therapy area) may have a greater impact. CEM’s research has highlighted that doctors and scientists are becoming more visible on social media and this trend can only continue as a younger generation of individuals increasingly gain prominence. In response to requests from clients, CEM has the capability to identify medical and scientific individuals with a presence on social media. We can track Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs. Other social media channels such as LinkedIn can also be included. When this is combined with CEM’s abilities to map the KOLs then we can square the circle. 
For more information have a look at our Digital KOLs page or contact us
Speaker Identification 
During CEM’s profiling of a KOL we can assess their potential for speaking engagements using publicly available sources. CEM makes recommendations but there is no substitute for seeing someone speak at a major congress or in a media interview. We use a variety of techniques to make our assessment. 
For more information please visit our 'Terminology' page or if you want to dig a little deeper Contact us. 


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